You need to write your script using a text editor like notepad. The script must have the extension  msk.  The script can have more than one sketch and it can write to more than one sketch file. The default  directory for the scripts is MyDocument > Mathsketch2>Scripts  You simply define the output file, the number of steps (points on the sketch) and the formula for x y  and z. Bellow is the command reference:     REM Ignore the rest of the line, used for comments.  outfile = “<EPS file name>”   The file name should end up with .eps, it can be a full path name but if it is not the default directory will be MyDocument>Mathsketch2>Sketch plot.x = <formula> More about formula.  plot.y  = <fomula> More about formula.  plot.z = <formula> More about formula.  plot.steps = <number of points>  number of points in the sketch.  plot.clones = <number of clonnes> Number of clones.  draw.plot  process the sketch and write it to the file defined in the outfile clause.  Special variables:    step: The point number in the sketch.    degree: The point number used as degree for the sin, cos and tan functions    clone_seq: The clone number    clone_degree: The clone number used as for the sin,cos and tan functions.    to_radian : Convert degrees to radian. eg plot.x = sin( degree + (45 * to_radian)).