Mathsketch2 is a free program that generates 3D EPS files to be used with Blufftitler.  Bluftitler can then be used to draw and animate the sketch. The program processes scripts that  have the extension "msk". It draws sketches according to the formulas used to define the X, Y  and Z axis. The generated file has the EPS extension and can be used as a sketch layer in  Blufftitler.  Please note that Mathsketch2 is not compatible with mathsketch1.  To download click on the download menu item above and choose save.  You need to write your script, please refer to the scripting page and you can copy some from the  Example page.  Start the mathsketch2 program and click on the process script button. The dialog box will take  you to MyDocument > Mathsketch2 > Scripts choose your scripts and the EPS file will be  generated under MyDocument > Matchsketch2 > Sketch you can then use it in Blufftitler.